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How “About” Helping a Job Seeker Get Their Wings?


With your indulgence, we’d like to ask for your help again…

About.com is asking for nominations for both Best Career Blog and Best Job Site for Students… and we’d appreciate your support in getting YouTern to the top of both lists. We’re up against some big players in the space… and we need your help!

When you have a moment, please nominate YouTern for both categories on About.com. Here’s how…   

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Our Very Best: YouTern’s Top 10 Posts of 2012

YouTern Top 10 2012

In 2012, YouTern’s blog, The Savvy Intern, continued to evolve and expand. Thanks to you and our wonderful authors, we’re honored and humbled to have been named to several “Top Blog” lists this year.

More important, whether you’re a regular reader or just discovered us, we sincerely hope you read us as we intend — as a virtual mentor, diverse support group, a collection of amazing advice… and perhaps even as a knowledgeable reference librarian (sans the reading glasses and the “Quiet!” shushes)…   

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Vote for YouTern on Forbes …and a Job Seeker Gets His Wings

Thanks to members of our amazing community – like you – YouTern is helping young careerists make the leap from classroom to cubicle.

So we can help even more GenYers, we want to ask you for a favor…

Forbes magazine has asked for nominations for their “Best Websites for Your Career” – and we’d like to put YouTern at the top of that list.   

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From YouTern & Friends…Here’s What We’re Thankful for Today

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Turkey Day once again – and the YouTern team is finally taking a day off to rest and spend time with family and friends (and enjoy the turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie, of course!)…

At YouTern, we try to avoid clichés like the plague… But despite the cliché nature of pointing this out, on this day it’s appropriate to recognize our blessings. Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t express enough gratitude for all we have.   

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The Wall Street Journal: YouTern a “Best Online Resource”

On Monday, May 16, 2011 YouTern was included on The Wall Street Journal’s “Web Watch” – where author Suzanne Barlyn surveyed the best online resources for hiring help. “The mention in the Wall Street Journal is truly humbling to the YouTern team,” said Mark Babbitt, CEO and Founder of YouTern. “ “To be recognized by such a prestigious publication, with the largest daily circulation in the US, is mind-blowing – and a tribute to hard work, organic growth, and the best user group in the industry,” Babbitt added. YouTern is proud to be acknowledged by the Journal, adding to our   

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Forbes Focuses on the Importance of Internships and YouTern

“What’s the one thing ALL career advisors agree on? Internships.”

That’s a great opening statement to a recent article by Jamie Farrell, in Forbes Magazine’s online publication about internships, and YouTern.

YouTern appreciates both Forbes Magazine and Jamie’s attention to such an important topic to today’s youth just entering the workforce.   

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