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The Answer Zone – No BS Career Advice


In September, we were excited to introduce Breaking Glass, a series on blab.im discussion to help young women navigate their career paths. The response has been terrific; it is obviously a topic people are very interested in – and we are grateful for your support. But because we know everyone has questions – and they need a go-to resource for career advice – we didn’t stop there. Next week we will launch ‘The Answer Zone: No BS Career Advice’ for anyone who needs a little help getting their first, or next, job or internship. Although the economy has improved in   

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Breaking Glass: Straight Up Advice for Young Career Women

Breaking Glass 300 x 200

Welcome to YouTern’s “Breaking Glass” … a new kind of media channel on YouTern.

A place where younger women can seek and receive advice from established women on how to recognize and navigate the obstacles they confront in the workplace…   

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Open Mic Night: Career Questions from the #InternPro Community


“How do I get recruiters to read my resume?” … “How do I use LinkedIn effectively?” … “How do I get hired with no experience?” … “Is ketchup really a vegetable?”

You have questions about your job or internship search. Everyone does. And that expression about “don’t be afraid to ask because lots of other people have the same question” is true, especially when it comes to our careers…   

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Nominate YouTern on Forbes… And a Job Seeker Gets Their Wings


Thanks to the members of our amazing community – like you – YouTern was honored to be featured on Forbes’ 2012 list of “Top 75 Websites for Your Career”.

Forbes has again asked for nominations for the 2013 version of their “Best Websites for Your Career”… and we’re again asking for your help.

Remember, with every nomination for YouTern… a job seeker gets their wings!   

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YouTern’s Top 50 Blogs for Young Careerists: 2013

Top 50 Blog Badge

In the career space, there are a ton of self-proclaimed experts. Thousands, maybe.

So, how do you know who to listen to – right now – to help get your first, or next, job? Who gives out practical, non-fluffy, actionable advice you can put to use right now?

At YouTern, we help answer that question with the 2013 version of our “Top 50 Bloggers for Young Careerists”!   

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Vote for YouTern: About.com’s “Readers’ Choice Awards” Finals


Thanks to the support of our community, YouTern and The Savvy Intern are now more popular than Argo; considered as contagious as the Harlem Shake; and are cuter than Taylor Swift!

Okay, no. We’re not any of those things… However, we ARE one of the five finalists in About.com’s “Reader’s Choice Awards for 2013”…   

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