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Doing it All: The Many Roles of Your Personal Brand [Infographic]

The great philosopher, Jay Z, said: “I’m not a business man. I’m a business, man.” That’s exactly how young professionals should view their personal brand.

Think of your professional self not as an individual, but as a corporation… “You, Inc.” Your corporation’s career success depends on your personal brand built by your effort divided among several roles – “employees”, if you will.

This interesting infographic from Beehooved outlines a creative way to visualize your internal employees, from CEO to Intern, you need to build a successful personal personal brand and career.   

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Internship to Offer: Advice from the World’s Best Interns

Internship-to-Offer- Insights- from-Top- Interns-at-Amazon-Facebook-and-Google

As a former Google intern, I want to share insights that led to my full-time offer and provide advice from recruiters and top interns at Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon. Whether you’re working at a financial firm, fashion company, or fast-paced startup, these tips will help you land a return offer.


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15 Grammar Goofs That Clobber Your Credibility [Infographic]


The English language can be tricky with dangling principles and the misuse of “literally.”

Pay attention to grammar and avoid the 15 common mistakes that may leave you, literally, jobless…   

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Bad Career Advice: “Do This… It Will Look Good on Your Resume”

Bad Career Advice

Every internship or job we get as college kids means something for our resume. It means that we can flush out the old and begin with the new.

But the cliche of taking on a project just because it “looks good on a resume” to me simply has to go. There has to be something better.

Am I really working as a part-time landscaper during the summer to have it “look good on a resume”? Absolutely not.   

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11 Ways to Be a Remarkable Mentee


A mentor can make a huge difference when being an intern, our first (or next) job, changing careers and when launching and running a start-up business. Sometimes we learn best from someone who has been there, done it… and got the t-shirt.

As a mentee, how do you ensure you get the best out of that mentor relationship? How do you become a remarkable mentee?   

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#InternPro Chat: “‘But You Look So Young!’ Creating Early Career Credibility”


You get hired for your first job. You’re so excited!

You start your career only to encounter older co-workers who see you only in terms of your age. They want you to “pay your dues” and “work your way up”.

Yes, you’re young in years… but you’re capable, intelligent and ready to take on the world! How do you get past the preconceived notions of the rookie?   

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