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12 Ways to Make a Positive Impact as a Young Professional

Jesse Lear

We all want to get our careers off to a great start. We all want to be noticed for the right things. But sometimes, as a young professional, it’s hard to get eyes on our good work and ears on our good ideas. In other words, it’s hard to make a positive impact.   

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How to Shift Your Mindset from Student to Professional

#InternPro Chat Twitter

Editor’s note: For a complete recap of this episode of #InternPro Chat, click here! You’re almost done. Soon, you’ll be walking across the stage to pick up your diploma. Which means you’ll soon be sending out countless resumes in hopes of landing the big kahuna – your first ‘big kid job’. There are many articles out there that address several important aspects of getting and keeping that first job, but they always leave something out – the mindset shift required to go from full-time student to full-time professional. How does someone fresh out of college, from day one, get in the   

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35 Ways To Quickly Become a Better Professional

Successful Young Careerist

We live fast-paced lives; our careers are certainly no different. Sometimes it can be difficult to stop for a moment to think about professional development. The reality is, though, that by choosing one area improvement to focus on at a time, we can become better versions of ourselves – and better professionals – in a short amount of time. To help get you started, here are 35 ways we can quickly improve our professional lifes: 1. Learn a New Skill Professionals always need to learn new skills and build upon their knowledge. If you want to be ahead of the   

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The Top 10 In-Demand Skills for Today’s Workforce

Every employer knows: for every open position, there are hundreds of applicants who could do the job from a technical perspective. But in the 21st Century workforce, that isn’t good enough.

What counts now is the soft skills the recruiter believes you bring to the job – as well as your ability to develop and implement further skills while working. But what skills are most in demand? And how does a young professional develop these skills?   

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10 Success Tips for Young Careerists Starting Their First “Real” Job

First Day of Work

For recent grads, entering the professional world for the first time is often intimidating. You may think you know what to expect. However, as in any new situation, parts of your first job will catch you by surprise.

No matter what industry you enter, there are certain things you should be prepared for in every entry-level job.   

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Is an MBA a Stupid Investment?


So you’re thinking you want an MBA. Earning your MBA can cost thousands of dollars. Contrast that fact against starting your own company in the Internet age which can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars. Quite a difference, right?

And while being an MBA graduate still has a certain cachet in the professional world, entrepreneurial college dropouts like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg did just fine without.

That MBA on your resume might not distinguish you from your peers now as much as it once did, but they have their upsides. Let’s take a look at the bad and the good of earning an MBA today.   

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