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Invest in Classic Learning: 10 Important Books for Every Young Careerist

important books

In these days of instant gratification, there is something truly rewarding about investing the necessary time to learn — really learn. Like the kind of learning you can only get from reading a classic book. There’s just nothing like starting a new book, digesting the ah-ha moments along the way, and the satisfaction you feel when you finish that last page. But how do you know which are important books — and which aren’t worth your investment?   

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12 Smart Strategies to Stand Out in Your Next Job Interview

next job interview

For every job opening, there is so much competition. In fact, according to Forbes companies receive over 100 applications for every job posting. So just getting your next job interview is a big win.

But, of course, the interview isn’t enough. Now, you must stand out — and you have just one chance to impress.    

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Graduating Soon? 12 Young Entrepreneurs Share Powerful Career Prep Secrets

career prep secrets

So you’re in your very last semester of college. This is the time to enjoy life, right? Finally, pay more attention to your social calendar? To have more fun?

Well, yes… but it’s also time to launch into career mode with a few career prep secrets…   

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Overcome Your Nerves: 4 Tips for More Comfortable Networking

For some entrepreneurs, networking can be an anxiety-inducing obligation. But the right mindset and some preparation helps overcome this.

And it could be that all you need is some expert advice on becoming more comfortable networking…   

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9 Business Books Young Professionals Must Read in 2017

As a young professional, solopreneur, or freelancer there is so much to learn. But the time we have to learn from the very best is so limited. Also, we don’t have time to sift through the millions of pages of business books out there to find something truly useful. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council this question: “What was the best business book you read last year?”   

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10 Secrets for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Writing it down is one thing. Sticking to your New Year’s resolution is something else entirely. Question: What is your secret to keeping your New Year’s Resolution?   

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