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50 Twitter Accounts You MUST Follow in 2016


With all the noise and clutter in social media today, how do you know where to go for really good career advice? Who will help – really help – you find your first, or next, internship or job? Once again, YouTern helps answer those questions with the 2015 version of our “Top Twitter Accounts Job Seekers MUST Follow” – our 5th annual list of the best career experts, recruiting professionals and mentors in the business! As we do every year when we make this list, our focus is on quality over quantity; engagement over broadcasting; and value over self-promotion. Every person or organization on this list has   

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New Kid on the Block: How to Nail Your First 30 Days


Every day interns and workers head to a new job, exited and nervous to prove that they’ve got what it takes.

From day one, the newbie has to be on their A-game… because often that first month of work has become an extension of the job interview…   

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7 Things We Don’t Learn Before Graduation (But Should)

Before Graduation

Winter term is well under way. Soon, the commencement speeches will begin and caps will be flying through the air. Seniors: that hard-earned degree will finally be yours!

And it won’t be the answer all of life’s mysteries. It won’t solve all your problems. By itself, it won’t even mean a good career, or a good life. Here’s why…   

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12 Networking Tips for Young Careerists Ready to Be Taken Seriously

Networking Tips for the Young Careerist

Building a personal brand that resonates with employers and customers is hard. While in or just out of school, it can often seem impossible. So our friends at YEC asked some of their members this question:

“What’s advice would you give a young careerist or entrepreneur who wants to build a network but is having trouble being taken seriously?”   

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Career Regrets: 10 Things Recent Grads Would Do Differently

Career Mistakes Made in College

While still in school, it can be easy to keep reality on the back-burner. Unfortunately, that often leads to a lack of preparation… and a tough job search after graduation.

The reality is that college students everywhere are learning that you must be ready to compete for the job, aggressively, well before you walk across that stage, diploma in hand. Let’s just say: “Regrets… they have a few.”   

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10 Sure Fire Tips to Help Find Your First (or Next) Job

Find Your First Job

After working hard in college, you’ve now spent the last few weeks first celebrating graduation, and now contemplating reality: it is time to land your first job.

And while there’s never been a more exciting time to enter the workforce, there has also never been a more complicated time to be in the workplace. So like everything else, you need to learn the landscape. These 10 proven tips will not only help you do that… they’ll help you land your first job!   

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