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What Soft Skills Make You Stand Out in Today’s Job Market?

Soft Skills

Soft skills are sometimes a mystery. We never really seem to know how to identify them… or how market them to a potential employer.

With that in mind, we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur council this question: What three soft skills do you look for in every potential team member, and why?   

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9 Ways Young Professionals Can Really Impress Their Employers


In today’s economy, it is tough for recent grads and young professionals to find their first gig. And even harder to impress once they’re there. So we asked our friends at Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question: When was the last time you were truly impressed by a young professional? What did they do to set themselves apart? Here are some of the best answers:   They Leveraged a Balance of Confidence and Humility All professionals walk a fine line between confidence and humility, but as a young professional, this line can be paper thin. Different situations require a young   

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What One Soft Skill Makes You Most Marketable?

Dave Nevogt

There’s so much talk about soft skills today. And yet we rarely talk about how those skills make us more employable, or how we develop them.

Even more important, it seems very few of us are aware of our most marketable soft skills… so are unable to tell the story of how we mastered those skills. Because, as we say at YouTern, “storytellers make the best sellers,” that puts us at a disadvantage…   

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15 Ways Inexperienced College Grads Can Build Great Brands


With limited experience in the workforce, college grads must be resourceful when it comes to establishing their personal brand. So we asked members of the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) this question:

What is the one piece of advice you’d give recent college grads, even with limited work experience, to help them build a great brand?   

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15 Ah-ha Moments That Inspired Entirely New Career Paths


At some point in our careers, we all question whether or not the path we’re on is right for us.

Some of us just push on, sticking with what social norms have taught us. Others find a way to start over; we become inspired to do something different (sometimes much different!) than what was always expected of us…   

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What is Your One Piece of Never-fails Career Advice?


Where do you turn for great, and relevant, career advice? At YouTern, our answer to that question is nearly always the same: go to a fellow careerist with plenty of been-there-done-that experience and ask this question:

As a mentor to young professionals just beginning their careers, what is your one piece of never-fails career advice?   

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