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12 Marketable Skills You Must Value in Yourself

job skills

Sometimes, we focus too much on what we want others to think about us… or what we think an employer or customer wants to see in us.

What if we, instead, focused on the skills that make us truly unique? Or the traits that help us be more creative or maintain a high level of passion for the work we do?   

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What Are The 7 Deadly Face-to-Face Networking Sins?


In some circles networking has a bad reputation. In part, this is because of a few bad networking apples who spoil it for everyone else.

As someone who has attended (and hosted) thousands of networking meetings and events — and is often referred to as a ‘master networker’ – I’m going to let you in on a few secrets of bad face-to-face networking…   

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4 Early Career Lessons College Won’t Teach You

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With graduation right around the corner many young professionals are trying to figure out the right career path to follow.

I asked five of the smartest and most successful business people I know what they wished someone had whispered in their ear at graduation. Here are the top themes that emerged:   

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