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When Writing Resumes, Don’t Tell Them, Show Them

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There is an old adage about writing that goes something like “show, don’t tell.” The idea is that good writing shows what the author wants to communicate, and through showing lets the point communicate itself. Bad writing tells the reader things. Writing resumes is the same way. You don’t want to say what you are. That is telling. You want to say what you did, which is showing. There’s a big difference. The job search is all a numbers game after all.   

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7 Critical Skills You’ve Left Off Your Resume (But Shouldn’t)


How many times have you heard something like this in a rejection letter:

“While your qualifications were impressive, this round of candidates was excellent.”

Against such competition, how do you win? What do you need on your resume to jump up into the “excellent” level?

Here’s some critical skills that probably aren’t on your resume yet, but should be…   

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