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Busting 4 Myths About Gen Y in the Workplace


What group of employees can’t fathom starting work before 10:00 a.m., require heaps of praise for even the most remedial tasks, turn to Google for everything and make up excuses to take days off work? GenY, of course!

Rather than perpetuate theses and other stereotypes, though, let’s work on setting some of these stigmas straight…   

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Workplace Productivity: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights [Infographic]

Americans put in some of the longest hours of workers around the globe.

However, with an estimated $134 billion in annual payroll loss attributed to employees spending time on non work-related tasks, those hours might not necessarily be spent benefiting their employers. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself how much of your work day is truly dedicated to… work.   

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Boomers Are Right about Gen Y (And We Can Change)

GenY in the Workplace

Some people call us “entitled”. Others prefer to label us “spoiled and lazy”. We hear that today’s workforce problems are due to the values of “kids today”.

And while nothing gets this Millennial fired up more than stereotyping an entire generation, there is no denying that stereotypes exist for a reason.

What Gen X and Boomers see as lazy… is really just too many young people wasting their time being average while “trying to find their passion”…   

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Or Hardly Working? The Office is a Lazy Place [Infographic]

With Smartphones, Facebook and an unlimited supply of cat videos at our fingertips, today’s workplace is full of distractions. So it’s not surprising that most of us don’t spend every minute at the office actually doing… work. What is surprising? How much we actually do goof while on the clock! How does your average day stack up against some of the numbers in this infographic from Under30Careers? Let us know in the comments below (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss!)…       For this post, which appeared originally on Safety Training Videos, YouTern thanks our friends at Under30Careers.com!

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25 Things to Master Before Your First Internship

first internship

The “teaching-to-the-test” strategy of our school systems (where blue ribbons for eighth place performances and “My Daughter is an Honor Student” bumper stickers are the norm) and the “performing-for-the-grade” strategy at college is failing our students.

At a time when they should, in some form, be laying the foundation for their future work-life, our younger generation is rarely, if ever, engaged in learning career success strategies and tactics…   

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A 2-Minute Drill for the Workplace (Football is Back, Baby!)

It’s August. And NFL football is back! Many games this season will come down to important 2-minute strategies at the very end. This “2-minute drill” can be used in the workplace, too!   

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