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4 Things Most Recruiters Say (And What They Really Mean)


Recruiters help organizations find top talent and, if you’re lucky, help put in you in position to land a job.

In other words, they can be great resources during your job search. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t always completely clear when they communicate with candidates…   

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Job Seeker: Do You Know What You REALLY Want?

Mind reader

We recruiters work hard to make meaningful connections; perhaps harder than any other professional. The result: recruiters are some of the most well-networked people around the globe. Yes, we are the gatekeepers. And chances are high that most recruiters know someone that can connect you to someone that will help you get that dream job. Before we help YOU though, we want you to know we need for you to help yourself FIRST! Maybe you’ve never had to network to pay the bills. Maybe you don’t know how this game works. That’s okay. Don’t get frustrated. Stay positive and open-minded. I am going to let   

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4 Things Recruiters Will Never Admit (But You Need to Know)


You may believe third-party recruiters (those who work for their corporate clients on commission) are your ally. You may think they exist to help you land the career of your dreams. That may even be how they brand themselves.


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Before You Apply: Here’s What Recruiters Want You to Know

Before You Apply

Raise your hand if you’ve ever reached the final interview and didn’t get hired. Or if you submitted applications and they disappeared into the “resume black hole”.

Want to know why this happens, and what HR actually wants from you?

You’re in luck! Several HR professionals want to share four important points to help you secure the job you want.   

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Say My Name: How to Make Recruiters Work for You


There are many misconceptions about recruiters and what they do.

Some see them as magical, job-finding elves, who will solve all their problems. Others consider a recruiter as the bottom feeder of the HR world, who will staff any position for a buck.

Regardless of your opinion… we have all the jobs. You need us…   

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Key to Job Search Success: Building Relationships with Recruiters

Relationships with Recruiters

While many recruiters do cold-call potential candidates, when you’re actively job seeking don’t sit at home waiting for the phone to ring.

Actively build relationships with recruiters looking to place candidates like you in great positions!

There’s quite a bit you can do to actively reach out to recruiters and make yourself more visible in the marketplace…   

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