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Maintaining a Healthy Career Path While Staying Safe at Home

healthy career

Let’s face it, when making their career plans no one could have foreseen our current world situation. For most, those plans have been put on hold for a while. The need to safeguard our health, the health of our loved ones, and that of the most vulnerable in our society has superseded virtually all other concerns. But as we concentrate our efforts on social distancing by working from home, often in a reduced capacity, we can still maintain a healthy career path.   

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How to Stay Productive In and Out of the Office [Infographic]

stay productive

Well, here we are again… still working from home. We’ve been at this a while now. And the unpleasant truth is, to remain safe, we’re going to be here a bit longer. Unfortunately, right about now is when we may start to see our personal productivity suffer. The slowing economy means less work is coming our way and the work we do have seems less pressing. We’re settling into the dull drudgery of days that seem interchangeable hours that tick slowly by. How can we possibly stay productive?   

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Finding Balance When Work and Life Collide [Infographic]

finding balance

For many of us, work now shares a common space and schedule with raising children, socializing, and caring for ourselves. It can be hard to adapt and allocate our mental and physical resources to give both the attention they deserve. But finding balance, even in these troubling times, is necessary. So, let’s get started.   

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Remote Working: Make the Transition to Working from Home [Infographic]

remote working

Well, here we are again. Another week begins and we’re still working from home. We might as well face it. We could be here a while. But look on the bright side, telecommuting does have its advantages. The commute is certainly a lot easier. The only traffic jam you’ll likely experience is when the kids are hogging the bathroom. More importantly, research suggests that working from home can actually make you more productive. Your living room can be a productive workspace. You just have to make the transition to telecommuting.   

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How to Stay Focused While Working From Home [Infographic]

stay focused

Working from home sounded like a dream come true. After all, you never have to change out of your pajamas. You commute involves shuffling down the hall to the kitchen in your fuzzy bunny slippers. It’s has to be great, right? Well, as many of us are learning as we’re forced to work from home for the first time, life doesn’t always live up to expectations. Without the structure of the office, it’s not easy keep your mind from wandering. Maybe you’re worried about the current world situation. Maybe you’re thinking about homeschooling the kids. You might even be lost in deep speculation about what’s going to happen next on that show you’ve been binge watching. One thing’s for sure, the hard part about working from home is staying focused.   

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How to Ace the All-Important Interview for a Remote Job [Infographic]

remote job

A remote job may seem like a dream come true. But you need to ace the interview first.

Now, thanks to this infographic from Hubstaff that focuses on how to perform well for an interview for a remote job, you can.   

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