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Before Sending Another Resume: Ask Yourself These 4 Questions


A job seeker reports applying for over 1,000 jobs in the past 12 months. The results: Zero job offers; zero job interviews.

Like many job seekers, this job seeker viewed the millions of job postings on the Internet as the path to employment. The problem: Too many applications done quickly, carelessly and without conviction…   

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Why Submitting a Resume Is NOT Enough


In the current job market, many job seekers lament that submitting a resume is like banging their head against a wall. It doesn’t feel good, it’s extremely frustrating and a waste of time.

You want that resume to get you a job interview, but more often than not, it doesn’t. And I think this could be why:

80% of employers Google job seekers before inviting them into an interview!*   

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From Unemployed to Infinitely Employable: It’s All About Skills


A job seeker commented about doing very well at the job interview; then, apparently, performing poorly on a test of her skills specific to a software package required for the job.

She isn’t alone; this scenario plays out far too often…

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