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Recruiters Reveal This Key to Your Job Interview Success


Most employers do not have a shortage of job seekers from which to choose their next employees. To stand out from the crowd of also-rans, successful job seekers use the interview process to showcase their work ethic and to demonstrate their value as an employee. Here’s how to impress them: Prepare Like You Already Work There, and This Interview Is Part of Your Job Preparation is a crucial part of being impressive in the interview. Demonstrate interest in this employer and this position by being well-prepared for the interview, hopefully, better prepared than any other job seeker. This can also   

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After the Interview: What Happens Behind the Scenes?

Behind the scenes

You ace the interview. In fact, it was the best job interview you ever had! You head home dreaming of the offer for the new job you’re pretty sure you just landed. And then…you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more until you just want to scream!

But before you decide the company is made up of former Guantanamo guards trained to torture you in some sick waiting game, take a deep breath and let me take you behind the scenes to learn more about the mysterious steps of the interview hiring process.   

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New Start? Time to Re-engage With Your Personal Network

Once a new job or internship is secured, we tend to breathe an enormous sigh of relief… then focus all our energy and time on succeeding in the new role.

As you may already know, though, recent U.S. Department of Labor data reports that “median employee tenure” was 4.6 years in 2014. So, like it or not, most of us can expect to be looking for a new job… sooner rather than later.   

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Recruiter for a Day: Would You Hire You?

Recruiter for a Day

Any successful salesperson will tell you that the secret to making the sale is to put yourself “in the shoes” of the customer — what are the customer’s major concerns?

The same can be said for a successful job seeker. The secret to a successful job search: putting yourself “in the shoes” of the hiring manager by asking: What does that hiring manager want and need — and what must they avoid?   

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Finally! This is Exactly How You Research a Potential Employer

Know The Employer

“Do your homework!” This cliche job search advice is always there; and seemingly always empty. Why? Because no one tells you exactly how to get that homework done… exactly how to research the company and what to look for.

Today, we fix that. Here is exactly how to research a potential employer, what you are looking for from which resource, and what to do with the research once you have it…   

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3 Bad Assumptions About Networking for Job Seekers

3 Bad Assumptions About Networking

Many job seekers say they hate the networking part of the job search. Apparently, those job seekers would rather spend (no, waste) time comfortably clicking on the “Apply” button on postings they find on job boards.

But networking is easier, less scary and more natural (in terms of simple conversations) than you think…   

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