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Mind Blown: Time to Re-think Happiness vs. Success [Infographic]

How often have you felt kind of beat up at work?

You just met one of your sales goals…so now they’ve doubled it. You really don’t want to go to work today, and your stomach does feel a little icky, so you take a sick day.

You feel unsuccessful. So in return…you’re unhappy.

What if I could show you how we have this backwards, and what is the true secret to better work?   

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Oh Crap! How to Survive a Huge Mistake at Work

Mistakes at work

It’s inevitable. We all, at some point in our career, will make a BIG mistake.

You blew the deadline on THE big project. You sent an email to the wrong person thanks to address auto-fill. You messed up the numbers on the financial spreadsheet that goes directly to corporate.

Your first instinct is most likely to run and hide. However, you need to be more grownup if you want to mitigate your losses. Your only hope is to do damage control—smartly. Don’t worry… you can survive this. Here’s how:   

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I Work for the Wrong Company… Now What?!

Wrong company

Our under 30 generation is conditioned to seek instant gratification.

Generations before us felt an extreme loyalty to their company. The job was less about what they wanted to do, and more about the underlying responsibilities.

With our generation the days of undying company loyalty have ended. We know that a company will fire us the minute some MBA from a consulting firm recommends that the company outsource us. We’re our own marketers and career growth specialists. This makes us more loyal to the companies we like best and allows us to leave companies that aren’t the right fit.

So, what do you do if you realize the company you’re working for isn’t where you want to continue to work? Do you quit immediately? Do you bite the bullet and keep pushing on?   

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‘Tis the Season… to Prove You’re an Irreplaceable Employee!


The office is always a little more hectic during the holidays — what with all the parties, vacations, gift-giving and décor. Many folks don’t realize it, but the holiday frenzy actually brings great opportunities for you to step up and prove your worth.

Now is no time to take your foot off the pedal. While everyone else is a little checked out, the holidays can give you a wide open window of opportunity to get your boss to notice just how irreplaceable you are.   

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Enjoy Your Life… Don’t Die at Work

Look, I don’t know everything, but I DO know that I DON’T WANT TO DIE AT WORK!

I am all for having a career and being successful and making a difference. But at the same time, work should never be your entire life. I hear crap like this all the time: “That’s life…Work is work…You’re not supposed to like it… Suck it up…

But here’s my question: WHY??!!   

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7 Real World Pinterest Strategies That Work

Our friends at YEC asked members of their council this entrepreneurship-related question from a reader… we thought the answers were enlightening. Read on!

Question: How do you use Pinterest for business? What results are you seeing?   

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