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Happiness Practices for Your Life and Career [Infographic]

happiness Practices

Long day at the office? Work got you down? Do you feel like there must be more to life than the daily grind? Well… there is. And people all over the world, even though different cultures employ many different happiness practices, find a way to be happy every day.

Want to bring your life back into balance? Discover the one way that brings happiness to you…   

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Paid Time Off: If You Don’t Use It, You’re Throwing Money Away

paid time off

It’s easy to believe that not taking days off is a testament to your work ethic and dedication to the company, but it’s just the opposite.

In fact, you’re generally not saving your employer money. And you aren’t doing yourself any favors…   

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Workday Hacks: How to Set Up a Great Day by Getting Up Early [Infographic]

workday hacks

Adulting can take all the fun out of life. Fortunately, you can still live a balanced, fulfilling life. A successful adult life.

All you need are few workday hacks to get you through the day…   

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How to Work Happier and Be Happier: According to Science [Infographic]

work happier

This infographic from NetCredit reveals four well-researched ways to improve your happiness at work.

In the end, only you can make these changes happen. Let science be your guide. Then work happier!   

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How to Avoid Letting Your Smartphone Ruin Your Work-Life Balance


A recent addition to our family has served as an extra reminder about the importance of maintaining a work-life balance.

And I realized: constantly looking at my smartphone impacts that balance a great deal…   

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Weekend Disconnect: The Science Behind Working Less [Infographic]

weekend disconnect

Studies show that Americans have a bad habit taking their work with them when they have time off.

If you’re one of these people, it may be time for a weekend disconnect…   

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