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Job Satisfaction: How to Be Happier at Work [Infographic]

job satisfaction

Another day another dollar. The alarm clock sounds and it’s time to drag yourself out of bed, imbibe copious amounts of caffeinated beverages and slog off to your 9 to 5 prison. Along the way, you find yourself wondering if Job satisfaction is even possible to happy at work. You spend half your life in the workplace, yet you can feel underpaid, undervalued, and overworked. What can you do to get your job working for you?   

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#InternPro Chat | Work Addiction: How to Avoid Becoming Another Burnout Statistic

work addiction

In the fast-paced, high-stakes, always-on world of business today, work addiction is becoming a serious concern. It affects more than just your job. It creeps into your personal life and can have a dangerous impact on your mental and physical health. More and more professionals are experiencing the symptoms of over-work and stress that eventually lead to career burnout. But can that be called addiction? In a society that has always valued hard work and dedication, how do differentiate between the drive to succeed and a dangerous obsession?   

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Work Addiction: A Very Real Danger for Young Professionals [Infographic]

work addiction

The ubiquitous nature of modern communications technology has left us, more or less, permanently connected to each other. While this has gone a long way toward creating a truly global community of immeasurable value, it has also contributed to new work-related problems. When individuals feel anxious or guilty about not being available 24 hours a day to respond to work-related issues, they are in danger of succumbing to a newly recognized form of addictive behavior: work addiction. And, just like any other addiction, it can have serious consequences for your health, happiness, and personal relationships.   

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Work Friends: You Need Them More Than You Know [Infographic]

work friends

Sometimes we all need a friend. Friends are important. They give us comfort and support, they entertain us and brighten our day, and they’re there for us when we need them. And speaking of needing them, where do we need a lifeline more than at work? Finding work friends to chat with can boost your happiness, health, and productivity. With a few tips on how to make the right approach, forming those new relationships can be pleasant and easy.   

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Happiness Practices for Your Life and Career [Infographic]

happiness Practices

Long day at the office? Work got you down? Do you feel like there must be more to life than the daily grind? Well… there is. And people all over the world, even though different cultures employ many different happiness practices, find a way to be happy every day.

Want to bring your life back into balance? Discover the one way that brings happiness to you…   

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Paid Time Off: If You Don’t Use It, You’re Throwing Money Away

paid time off

It’s easy to believe that not taking days off is a testament to your work ethic and dedication to the company, but it’s just the opposite.

In fact, you’re generally not saving your employer money. And you aren’t doing yourself any favors…   

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