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What Does Your Online Presence Say About Work Ethic?

work ethic

During the hiring process, an employer ideally wants to hire someone with the strongest work ethic. But how do you show this before getting hired?

These days employers are looking at much more than your résumé and your references. They do Google searches and review your Facebook page to find whatever they can before hiring you. So they may find out the good stuff, and also some details you’d rather they not know.

The bottom line is that your online reputation can say a whole lot about you, including your work ethic. What can you do to enhance your online presence for the best chance to impress recruiters?   

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How’s Your Work Ethic? The Answer Might Get You Hired


When a statement graduates to cliché status, there’s usually something there worthy of our attention.

The constant lament of employers at the lack of good work ethic among job applicants and young people entering the workplace suggests a problem. As with all generalizations, exceptions exist… and, of course, it can be tough on those painted with a single brush.

Perhaps it’s time to revisit what today’s work ethic looks, sounds and feels like – and where the future might lie…   

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