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3 Bad Assumptions You’re Making About LinkedIn


Many people, unfortunately including job seekers, are puzzled about why LinkedIn is so highly recommended.

These people are skeptical. They think LinkedIn’s good reputation is all hype, mostly because they have posted their resumes on LinkedIn with no results…   

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5 Steps to Help You Survive the Resume Screening Process

Surviving the Job Application Process

Regardless of what you’ve heard or read, a successful job search is not the result of winning a “numbers game.” Applying for as many jobs as possible as quickly as possible is not a winning strategy. In fact, it’s a waste of time – yours, and the employer’s. Succeeding in a job search takes focus and attention to detail. Show potential employers that you’d be the kind of employee they would want – the kind of employee who pays attention and does a good job, someone who is a reliable team member, someone they would want to work with. Describing   

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The 5 Important Pieces of a Great LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Profile Keys

I see and hear many complaints about how LinkedIn “doesn’t work” or “is a waste of time.” Usually, when I look at the profile of the person making the complaint, the reason they are struggling is fairly obvious:

They think LinkedIn is a “quick fix” for their job search…   

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9 Ways to Dramatically Shorten Your Job Search

Shorten Your Job Search

Before the recession, the general rule of thumb was that for every $10,000 in salary desired, a person could expect their job search to last a month. Want a job for $50,000? Count on 5 months.

Now, however, even for the mosg entry-level positions, the average job hunt these days is up to 4 months – and over one million have been unemployed for one year or more…   

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Why the First 5 Minutes of a Job Interview Are So Important

first five mins

impressions. Or rather, a series of first impressions.

How you present your personal brand both online, and in your resume and cover letter is usually where it starts. This carries through to when you arrive for your first interview. One of the most important moments in terms of making an impression – if not THE most important moment – happens when the employer finally gets to see you live and in person…   

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15 Things Recruiters Look for During Every Job Interview


Job interviews are complicated – no doubt about it. So much information to remember and to articulate… so much to get perfect and so much can go wrong.

I often get questions from readers asking for job interview tips. I thought it might help to provide a guide to what I look for when I interview job candidates. Obviously each interviewer and industry is different, but these tips offer general interview advice that should work for most people.

So with that in mind, this is what I would look for if you walked into my office for a job interview:   

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