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Women in Business: 3 Steps to an “Authentic” Leadership Style

Woman boss

Women face unique challenges as leaders, whether they work in the corporate world or as business owners. There seems to be a large chasm between female leaders who too easily sacrifice authority, and iron-fisted women who never budge once their minds are made up.

Unfortunately, neither approach is effective for long-term leadership.

There are many aspects of leadership, but the core question is this: as strong and capable women, how can we lead without being labeled bossy, b*tchy, or worse?

If you’re struggling to find your authentic style, follow these three steps:   

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Women in the Workforce: Stepping Up Again in 2012

Back in the 1940’s, Rosie the Riveter was the iconic woman of the day.

Several decades later, in the Seventies, Women’s Liberation helped to raise women’s pay.

Now in 2012, women entrepreneurs and women re-entering the workforce are leading the way.   

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Why Millennial Women Are Poised to Change the World

Business has changed for good. This we know. The beauty of the down economy has been the rise of social enterprise, a collective questioning of public and private sector values, and a mainstream search for ways to integrate sustainability into our lives and work.

From where I sit, the future looks bright for Millennials – a generation of quiet rebels on the path to find a non-traditional, soul-enriching, values-fueled existence.

I have a different call to action to the women of my generation: lead and live like you’re on a mission.   

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Choose Passion over Job Security

I was working for a top media company with world-class brands, intelligent co-workers, a decent salary and great benefits. When I started out three years ago, that’s all I thought I wanted. But then somewhere along the way I found myself changing and I didn’t like what I saw.

So, I left my job.   

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Young Professionals: How Long Must You “Pay Your Dues”?

Q. My question is about paying your dues – how much should you give to get to where you might go? At what point to you say, I’ve got what it takes and deserve to get a job without paying dues? – 20-something

A. Faster than when we grew up but not as fast as you think.   

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5 Reasons Why Young Professional Women Need a Mentor

Mentors are a lot like older siblings, professors, bosses and moms. They all know you, care about your future and offer advice. But sometimes, as a young, independent chick you want a different kind of guidance.   

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