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Win the Job Interview with Your Best Failure Story

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In my book, “What’s Your Story?”, I ask readers to consider telling different types of stories to ignite performance and be more successful; success, failure, fun and legends.

These types of stories that powerful leaders use to connect with and inspire – and impress – others. But what if I asked you to tell only one type? And further, what if I said you only have one type to tell in your job search and interview process? Which type would you choose?

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Win By Becoming Your Own Career Cheerleader

Throughout middle school, high school, and college, we got used to having reward systems, and cheerleaders built into our lives. Exams tell you how well you’re progressing in class, honors and other accolades reward you for hard work.

The working world doesn’t offer this continual feedback loop. And that’s one of the hardest things for recent graduates to adjust to.

To get ahead in your career, you have to learn to self-motivate and be your own cheerleader. Here’s a few ways to give yourself the kinds of rewards and achievement recognition you’re used to getting from the educational system.   

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