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7 Things Never to Say in a Screening Job Interview

Never Say

With the recruiting market picking up, I am screening more candidates than I have in a long time.

A majority of the candidates I am talking to haven’t looked for jobs in years. So I’m not blaming the candidates for being a little rusty on their interview skills…   

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Job Seeker: Do You Know What You REALLY Want?

Mind reader

We recruiters work hard to make meaningful connections; perhaps harder than any other professional. The result: recruiters are some of the most well-networked people around the globe. Yes, we are the gatekeepers. And chances are high that most recruiters know someone that can connect you to someone that will help you get that dream job. Before we help YOU though, we want you to know we need for you to help yourself FIRST! Maybe you’ve never had to network to pay the bills. Maybe you don’t know how this game works. That’s okay. Don’t get frustrated. Stay positive and open-minded. I am going to let   

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15 Tips and Tools to Jump-Start Your Job Search


Need a job or internship and don’t know where to start? Job search going a little slower than you anticipated?

To go from unemployed to a great gig in just a few short weeks, leverage these 15 tips, tools and strategies – ranging from old-school to Social Age – we know work in today’s job market…   

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When a Recruiter Calls: Should You Consider a Career Change?

decisions decisions

Let’s face it, many of us ready for our next adventure. And when a recruiter calls, we are intrigued; even flattered. We want to be wanted, needed, and desired.

On the other hand, we are “okay” where we are. We hesitate. We don’t take a closer look, and perhaps turn down the opportunity to interview. And in the process, perhaps miss out on what could have been an amazing career move…   

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7 Reasons You are NOT Impressing a Recruiter

Not impressed

In today’s highly competitive job market, recruiters are always looking for that “something special” that gives one candidate an edge over all others. Personally, I really appreciate someone who goes the extra mile when looking for a job. All recruiters do. And yet, it’s not easy to knock my socks off.

In fact, they seem to go out of their way to remove themselves from consideration…   

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6 Ways Candidates Remove Themselves from Consideration


nterviewing for a job is a tough, long process. And when you finally develop a rapport with a recruiter only to hear they went a different direction (or even worse, you get the “no call at all” thing), its hard not to get down.

How can you avoid this frustrating scenario?

Truth is, sometimes you can’t. However, there are self-inflicted job interview mistakes you can avoid along the way…   

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