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The Perfect Answer to “Why Should We Hire You?”


You prepare for your job interview ahead of time by researching the company, the position, the contacts with whom you will interview and the challenges the company may be experiencing.

You rehearse answers to expected interview questions outlining your accomplishments and the stories behind them. You are ready to knock them dead!

And then it happens…    

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No Such Thing as No Experience: Create Your “Value Inventory”

No Experience Wasted

Do you doubt the value you may bring to a potential employer?

If so, I want to show you a wonderful technique to get past the “I don’t have a lot of work experience” barrier; a tool that will enable you to focus on where you do have experience that translates into something valuable to employers. That tool: a “value inventory”.   

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Why Should I Hire You: How to Answer the Toughest Job Interview Question

Toughest Job Interview Question

Common interview question: Why should we hire you for this job?

When someone asks “Why should we hire you?” it’s sort of like saying “Prove yourself,” and the answer should be powerful, confident, and strong. It’s like someone telling you, “Okay, now close the sale.”

Let’s dive into how to answer this common interview question in the most impactful way possible:   

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