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Weird Job Interview Questions You Must be Ready to Answer [Infographic]

weird job interview questions

Weird interview questions are not all that uncommon, and they’re really not all that weird. Companies often design these questions to throw you off your practiced pitch and force you to respond spontaneously. Recruiters often use them to try to uncover the real you, the you that will come out in everyday situations. It is difficult to really get to know someone in an interview setting because we all practice and prepare so much. The seemingly random question can often help recruiters see beyond that practiced facade.   

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The Weirdest Job Interview Questions Ever Asked [Infographic]

Weird Interview Questions

You walk into a potential employer and they ask: “How many ping pong balls fit in a school bus?” Think that’s weird? You haven’t seen anything yet…

According to JobsToday, here are six of the weirdest job interview questions ever asked. Just as important, they tell you what those questions really mean and how to answer them…   

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How to Answer 4 Types of Oddball Job Interview Questions

weird job interview questions

You can’t prepare too much for a job interview. Ironing your shirt, researching the company, having a map with directions to the interview location… even practicing answers to likely questions should be part of your interview preparation. You should expect to answer a variety of questions; some of which will be difficult and even weird.

If you’re worried about crafting the perfect answer to a weird interview question, here are some tips to get you thinking outside the box:   

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