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Weird Job Interview Questions and What They Actually Mean

weird job interview questions

Interviewers often ask weird interview questions to ascertain a candidate’s abilities and personality. In fact, it’s because of their obscure nature that these questions force you to think on your feet. That’s why weird interview questions are becoming increasingly common in job interviews. When it comes to odd questions, here are five that really take the cake and what they actually mean.

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Why Do Employers Ask Hard (and Weird) Job Interview Questions?

Interview question infographic

You may have heard some of the strange questions top employers ask candidates during job interviews. And when you hear these questions, you most likely think, “What do these questions have to do with your ability to be a Social Media Manager… or an Accountant?”

The simple answer, of course, is… well, nothing. They aren’t related to the job at all. But these odd questions do serve a useful purpose…   

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