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The LinkedIn Tool You’ve Never Used (And Everyone Should)

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 7.06.14 AM

It’s finals time here in the United States, and that means grades will be posted soon… and winter break is right around the corner. Let the anxiety begin!

Did you know there is another grading system out there? One that can directly help your career? One, unlike your next report card, that you can still impact?   

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LinkedIn is Throwing a Party (And You’re the Guest of Honor)


When I begin a LinkedIn consulting engagement, the first thing I ask is: “Who do you want to meet?”

After all, at its core LinkedIn is the largest database of business professionals ever assembled, and finding the right people for you to meet is one of its strong suits…   

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Is Your LinkedIn Profile More Like a Resume… or a Business Plan?

Linkedin Resume or Business Plan

Does your LinkedIn profile feel more like a resume (focused on the past) or a business plan (focused on the future)?

If you answered “resume” consider this question: If you had only a few minutes with a person with whom you may want to build a future business relationship, would you spend more time on your past… or where you are trying to go in the near future?   

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5 Things Successful LinkedIn Users Do Every Day


Do you want to see your efforts on LinkedIn pay off day after day, week after week?

Start by doing what highly successful LinkedIn users do every day: schedule a 20-minute appointment with your LinkedIn account – and get these five things done…   

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