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Should I Really Apply? 6 Questions to Ask Before Submitting Your Resume

submitting your resume

So how do you avoid wasting your time and effort with those applications that might not go anywhere?

Before submitting your resume, ask yourself these six questions…   

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Time Killers: How to Reclaim Your Time in the Workplace [Infographic]

time killers

Taking control of time is about more than just working efficiently and productively throughout the day. It’s about paying attention to the people, tasks and distractions that take valuable time away from you.

These are the real villians… the time killers.   

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35 Ways You’re Wasting Time in Your Job Search


A job search can be a very tough slog through seemingly unending rejection – definitely not fun, particularly if you are unemployed with bills to pay.

This problem is made even worse if you haven’t modified your job search strategy to works today, in the Social Age…   

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