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Follow These Simple Tips to a Successful Virtual Internship

Your schedule is pretty full, without the added challenge of managing an internship, or two. But you know how important it is to gain professional experience. Follow these tips for a successful virtual internship. You’ll get the flexibility you need, with the professional experience and recommendations you want.   

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Top 5 Keys to Effectively Managing Your Virtual Internship Team

It’s sometimes a challenge to properly manage and mentor an intern – or several. The challenges are compounded when you’re managing a team of virtual interns. But there are keys to make this successful.   

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Virtual Internship 101: The World is Your Office

For years, when most people heard the word “intern”, an image of a copy machine, or perhaps the Starbucks logo during a coffee run, immediately came to mind. Far removed from that mental image is the new internship model: contributory, mentor-based, and – in many cases – virtual. Because there appears to be a mini-chasm between perception and reality regarding virtual internships – and because a virtual opportunity may be critical to your career development, let’s discuss what is involved with a virtual internship, and how to make them work for you. Virtual Internships 101: What is a Virtual Internship?   

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How I Learned To Love My Virtual Internship

I imagine many students and recent graduates wonder why someone would choose to take a virtual internship, and maybe especially at a start-up company. I was hesitant myself to agree to one; now that I have, I realize there are many great reasons to consider such a unique opportunity.   

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Higher Education’s View of a Virtual Workforce: Behind the Times?

How can a staple in today’s business world – working from a remote location, or “virtually” – not be recognized as a valid form of experiential learning by higher education?

Many college academic advisors won’t sign off on virtual internships. To be eligible for college credit, these career centers require that interns work in a traditional office environment.

In today’s technology-based workforce, this is a huge mistake – for several reasons:    

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