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The Secrets to a Great Online Job Interview [Infographic]

Online Job Interviews

Online job interviews – whether on Skype, G+, Zoom or dedicated apps like iMeet – have become the norm. And if you want to nail down a great job, you better understand the secrets to a great video job interview!

Which is why we like this infographic from the folks at iMeet…   

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How to Impress During Your Next Virtual Job Interview

How to Impress in Your Video Interview

As Skype and Google+ Hangout interviews continue to grow in popularity, job seekers are learning there is little difference between a video interview and the in-person variety.

In fact, many of the steps – from how you dress, to preparation, to proper eye contact and effective follow-up – are now exactly the same as if you were walking into the office and talking face-to-face…   

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5 Tips to a Great Video Job Interview Performance

Video Interview Tips

Most of us seem to dread the video interview. But many recruiters use this tool because Skype and Google+ interviews save both the employers and candidate significant time and money. Plus, in a short amount of time, you both have the opportunity to measure each other up and decide next steps in the process.

So don’t be unnerved. With just a small amount of preparation, you can rock the video job interview!    

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