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The Value Proposition: What Skills Are You Selling (And Who’s Buying)?

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Figuring out your value proposition (what you are really, really good at) and who to sell it to (who will pay you to do that) is one of the major steps to take for young careerists…

And the #InternPro community is here to help!   

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The 3 Things You Must Do in Every Job Interview

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So you’ve done all the research, completed the homework assignment and are intellectually prepared for your interview.

But what about during the interview? How prepared are you for that? How will you convince the recruiter you are the perfect candidate?   

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Value Propositions: The Answer to the “Why Should I Hire You” Question

Sell Yourself

Value propositions are used in business all the time. A business’s value proposition would be a summary of what a customer could expect to gain from using the business.

For job seekers, a value proposition takes a similar tone… it states exactly what a company can expect to gain by hiring you…   

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This is Exactly How You Sell YOU to Employers


Here’s a trend that just won’t go away: job seekers unable to communicate their top skill sets and value. When it matters most, they are unable to answer this important question:

“What do you bring to the table that’s unique, and why would we benefit from hiring you?”   

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Key to Career Success: Knowing What You Do Really Well

Focus on Good

There are many reasons you may struggle with being taking credit for what you do really, really well.

Maybe you were taught it isn’t polite to brag when you were a kid. Perhaps it is because most feedback related to performance is based on corrective action; improving what you can work on instead of acknowledging what you’re good at…   

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