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The Unpaid Internship Debate: Hurting Those We Should Be Helping

Unpaid intern

As the unpaid internship debate rages on, we’ve forgotten someone:

The Intern.

And not just forgotten; through neglect, naivety and personal agendas… we’ve hurt the very interns we’re trying to help.


By forgetting that beyond unscrupulous employers, there are many others to blame for the plight of interns everywhere, both paid and unpaid. Let’s take a look at some of the root causes:   

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The Foolproof Guide to Choosing a Paid or Unpaid Internship

It’s the age-old problem… you need a job to get experience, but you need experience to get a job. Internships are a powerful solution, offering real-world experience to complement your education. However, many questions arise when we think about taking on internships. First and foremost for many: Should you take an unpaid position, or hold out instead for an internship with a paycheck? Despite the lack of monetary compensation – and assuming all other factors are equal including education value, networking opportunities, available mentorship and relevance to your choice of careers – an unpaid internship may be an attractive option   

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Recent Grads in Unpaid Internships: Should You Stress?

One major complaint among young professionals is the limited availability of entry-level positions post-grad. Many grads take on unpaid internships because they simply can’t find entry-level work.

Rest assured that graduates who intern after college have nothing to stress about. A few reasons you shouldn’t stress about unpaid, post-grad internships:   

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Sanity Check: Is an Unpaid Internship Right for You?

I’ve had many students ask me when it is okay to take an unpaid internship. Or rather – when is it really worth it to work for free? Obviously anytime an internship is paid it’s a huge bonus – but pay should be just that, a bonus, not what you look for first.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when considering an unpaid internship:


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5 Simple Steps to Get the Most of Your Unpaid Internship

Every semester, undergraduates grapple with the thought of accepting an unpaid internship. Professors, mentors, and parents insist internships, paid or not, are the gateway to prosperous futures.

But, according to a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), paid internships offer undergrads more benefits than just spending money—they’re more likely to lead to a job, too.

Internships, much like undergraduate college courses, are what you make of them. If you’re an undergraduate who’s been offered an unpaid internship, don’t just turn it down thinking it’ll never lead to a job. Make the most of it with these tips:    

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Are Paid Internships Always Best? Maybe Not

If you are looking for an internship, and you are working on the premise that a paid internship would definitely be better than an unpaid internship – you might want to reconsider.


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