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You Lost Your Job: How to Get Back in the Job Search Saddle


Millions of people lose their jobs every month. If you are the one who has just lost your job, knowing you aren’t alone isn’t much consolation.

The good news is that millions of people also land new jobs every month, and you will join that group, too! Here’s how…   

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Here’s How You’ll Defeat Unemployment After Graduation

Conquer Unemployment

You finished your last finals, picked up your graduation robe and scheduled that celebratory family dinner. Everything has fallen into place… except that all-encompassing search for a job.

You’ve tapped your network, sent hundreds of applications and even invested in your first corporate wardrobe. But your inbox sits quietly; mocking you; daring you to get your hopes up…   

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3 Things You MUST Do to Find a Job Much Faster

Find Jobs Faster

About an hour after I got married, I lost my job.

I’m exaggerating slightly, but I’m sure that’s what my in-laws probably thought. After our wedding, I moved their Georgian daughter up to Boston for my job—and then promptly lost it. Those were not fun months.

A lot of young professionals are in a similar place right now. Whether you lost your job or graduated from college into an economy that still doesn’t seem welcoming, here are three things you need to do right now to find a job much faster…   

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Do You Have the 5 Symptoms of “Chronic Unemployment Syndrome”?

We see our friends, colleagues and family members have been out of work for some time. For some this is a short-term disability. For others the affliction seems chronic, others might mistake the symptoms as “terminal”.

Is this happening to you? Is your job search on life support?

Thankfully, there is a cure!

Here are the top five symptoms of Chronic Unemployment Syndrome – and sure signs that your job search is about to flat-line:   

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8 Great Tips to Beat Unemployment Bias

The bad news: unemployment bias is very real. Employers (illegally) discriminate against long-term unemployed people, thinking that they have outdated skills from being out of the job market for six months or more.

The good news: we might be nearing an end to unemployment bias. The experts suggest the following tips to beat unemployment bias:   

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