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From Unemployed to Infinitely Employable: It’s All About Skills


A job seeker commented about doing very well at the job interview; then, apparently, performing poorly on a test of her skills specific to a software package required for the job.

She isn’t alone; this scenario plays out far too often…

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10 Job Search Mistakes That Will Keep You Unemployed

Job Search Behavior

A job search is a job in itself. And, like any job, it can be stressful and riddled with anxiety. Don’t make the situation worse by letting emotions drive bad behavior.

Reign in your anxiety: Manage it with exercise; a few hours spent with understanding and light-hearted friends; engagement in empowering job search strategy sessions; and such.

By doing so, you can avoid the following examples of bad job search behavior that will lengthen your search, (and you may even find a little joy along the way):   

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6 Reasons You’re Unemployed (and What to Do About It)


Many unemployed folks usually don’t understand why they’ve been out of work for so long. Their obvious scapegoat is the economy and the millions of job seekers that make up their competition. While this excuse is completely warranted, I can’t let them off the hook so easy. It’s just not happening. There is a reason many have been unemployed for a long period of time… and there is something you can do about it. Here are 6 most likely reasons why you haven’t found a job yet and the actions you can take right now to compete well moving forward:   

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“We’re Hiring ASAP” is Rarely Soon or Possible

Watching the Clock

One great frustration for job seekers is the time it takes to get feedback, or next steps from potential employers.

Based on their “I need a job now” sense of urgency, they want a first interview today, to lead to second interview… tomorrow. Often, indications from the ad, the initial phone conversation, and from the first interview play into this mindset; the job seeker really believes it when the employer says “We’re hiring as soon as possible”.

Reality: in today’s workplace: hiring is rarely soon or possible. Understanding the issues the employer faces helps to properly set expectations, and reduces stress when you realize that no news is not necessarily bad news…   

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A Worker Shortage? When Millions Are Unemployed? [INFOGRAPHIC]

With over 12 million Americans included in the U.S. unemployment rate, a shortage of workers seems impossible. However, the reality is that more employers are demanding highly skilled employees while job candidates are find themselves under-qualified for open positions.

A recent infographic lays out some important statistics regarding the gap between employers and job candidates. Here are some key findings to keep in mind when seeking answers to the controversy of a worker shortage in an economy with high unemployment:   

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Career Experts Volunteer to Get Job Seekers “Hired for the Holidays”

The team at YouTern is proud to support “Hired for the Holidays” – a collaborative effort to help exceptional job seekers find work, one person at a time.

As you read our press release below, please consider joining our efforts as a sponsor. By using your expertise, personal network and a little elbow grease, you’ll make a huge difference during this holiday season – and into the New Year!   

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