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Overworked and Under-Appreciated? 6 Tips to Help You Work Smarter


On the one hand, junior professionals crave responsibility, and want all the experience they can get. On the other hand, as companies strive to do more with fewer resources, it is not uncommon to feel overworked, overwhelmed and under-appreciated.

When you’re starting to feel overloaded, keep these tips in mind for managing projects, priorities and higher-level managers…   

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Overworked and Undervalued: What to do When Recognition Never Comes


You’ve been working your fingers to the bone – extra hours, extra work, extra everything.

Everything, that is, except extra recognition and appreciation. It seems no one notices your hard work.

“If you feel that you are doing more than what is expected of you and it isn’t being recognized, you are making yourself a victim. When you victimize yourself, it’s impossible to be positive.” Here’s what you can do instead:   

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