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The Ultimate Guide to Informational Interviews: Before, During and After

Informational Interview

Everyone stresses the importance of networking. An informational interview is your chance to develop a new relationship. You might not get a job out of it, but they might give you contacts at other companies and useful advice. You might even hit it off so well that you can turn to this person as a mentor in the future.

Here’s some advice for how to manage your informational interviews, before, during and after…   

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The Ultimate Guide to Summer Internships

Summer Internships

Summer is coming, which means warmer temperatures, longer days, and of course…summer internships.

According to NACE, 60 percent of paid internships turn into full-time gigs. Clearly, internships are a valuable portion of your background, whether you’re a college student or a professional looking to get started in a new industry.

So, what are some do’s and don’ts for summer internships?    

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