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This is How You Find a Job on Twitter

Job on Twitter

There are a lot of people on Twitter discussing lunch, celebrity gossip, a bazillion things that you care absolutely nothing about… and jobs.

If you search Twitter a certain way, you’ll find many promoted jobs as well as unadvertised opportunities. Favoriting these tweets is one way of attracting someone’s attention. Perhaps, a recruiter’s attention?    

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This is How You Use Twitter to Find a Job

Twitter Job Search

Understandably, Twitter is now the second-most used social media site for finding work; only LinkedIn trumps tweeting for finding our next gig. But how many of us are leveraging Twitter in the best possible way to find work?

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Erin Osterhaus, HR Analyst at Software Advice, about exactly how to leverage Twitter to build and execute a successful job search strategy…   

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Twitter Job Search… for (Not So) Dummies

Job and internship seekers are finding Twitter to be a particularly powerful tool to learn more about job and internship postings, networking, promoting their career goals and finding a great internships.

However, some people still may be intimidated by social networking, or feel that in general it’s not their style. Yet others say, “I don’t even know where to get started.”

For those who aren’t yet getting the most out of Twitter toward their career, here are five easy-to-follow steps to a successful Twitter job or internship search:   

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