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What Should You Know Before Deciding on a Resume Template?

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If you’re interested in using a resume template, you’ll have seemingly countless options available in all styles and price points.

However, before you decide on one, there are a few considerations to keep in mind…   

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8 More Statements That Take Your Resume from Generic to Great

Career Start

Shortly after we published “These 12 Statements Take Your Resume from Generic to Great” the news featured three stories exhorting candidates to focus on their resume accomplishments rather than responsibilities. We’re thrilled for this trend, because as our friends at Jobscan said then: “What is one of the best pieces of resume writing advice you’ll ever get? Frame your experience in the form of accomplishment statements, rather than responsibilities. This best practice shows hiring managers the specific things you did and how well, rather than a list of things that anyone else would have done in the same roles.” When taking your   

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