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Interviewing 101: 20 Important Interview Lessons [Infographic]

interviewing 101

Graduation approaches, you’ve almost completed your formal education. It’s time to enter the workforce and begin that career you’ve spent so much time, energy, and money planning for. There’s only one thing left to do… go back to school. Yes, it’s time to begin an intensive course of study to learn some of the most important skills to get your career started. And your first class is interviewing 101.   

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4 Top Tips to Choose the Best Company for You

Happy Employee

As a job seeker, the most frustrating aspects of the job search are usually writing resumes and answering interview questions, but there’s another aspect of the job search we don’t focus enough attention on: the companies we apply to. In December, Glassdoor released its fifth annual Employees’ Choice 50 Best Places to Work list, with these well known companies scoring top spots: Facebook, Google, and McKinsey & Company. Unfortunately not everyone can land a job at one of these coveted companies. So when you see a lesser-known company advertising a job you’re interested in, how do you judge whether it’s   

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What Does Your LinkedIn Headline Say to Recruiters?

On professional networking sites, such as LinkedIn, individuals write their own headline showcasing their career and their talents.

These professional headlines are important, because they are one of the first things others see when they search the site. It becomes the sum-up of you and it’s smart to “make it sparkle,” said Krista Canfield, LinkedIn’s senior corporate communications manager.

Here are five questions to answer as you add some sparkle to your headline:   

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Move Up! 7 Tips to Get That Promotion

Everyone starts their careers in an entry-level position, but if you’re like most people, you’re probably hoping you don’t stay in that position very long.

Promotions are the goal of the majority of working individuals, as they generally bring raises, increased job responsibility, and affirmation that you’re good at what you do. Who doesn’t want that? But it’s not always as easy as showing up to work every day and putting in your eight hours. If you really want a promotion, take these tips to heart.   

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