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Maximum LinkedIn Success in Just 15 Minutes a Day!

linkedin success

Because LinkedIn is constantly changing, people frequently ask me what they should be doing each day for maximum LinkedIn success. So today I’m going to give you a 15-minute daily to-do list.   

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The Difference Between Knowing and Doing Essential Job Search Tasks

job search tasks

To know something and to do something are not the same. Too often, I see job seekers take shortcuts or avoid doing the essential job search tasks they don’t want to do.    

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Do You Have a Career Development To-Do List in Place?

career development

A career development to-do list is one that lists the tasks you need to do to enrich, improve, and advance your career. People to meet, skills to learn, places to go, things to do, etc.

Do you have a career to-do list? If not… why not?   

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Supercharge Your Career With This Proven Productivity Hack


As a successful careerist and entrepreneur, one of the most common questions I receive is: “How are you able to be productive while working for yourself?”

It’s not easy — and no matter how polished someone looks on the outside, I have yet to meet anyone who has it completely dialed in…   

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Your LinkedIn “To Do” List Should Include These 5 “Don’ts”


One of the primary benefits of joining LinkedIn as a social network is its almost exclusive focus on career and professional endeavors.

In sometimes stark contrast to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn members have developed preferred ways to communicate with each other via the system’s features and functions. As the platform has evolved, some connection and communication techniques have become more effective than others…   

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