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The Safe Job Search: 5 Ways to Tell if That Job is a Scam

job search scam

It seems like scammers are everywhere! They aren’t just in the shopping malls, parks, or any other public place you can think of anymore. Lately, many make their presence known in the form of job postings.

While most job ads are actually legit, a fair number of them may lead to the wrong doors. Beware of these job scams; they may “simply” rob you of a few dollars, but they may also go as far as stealing your entire identity.

So how do you know if a job is a scam? Here are five tips to help you check, before you apply:   

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6 Best Ways to Get Hired by a “Best Place to Work”

Top 100 Companies

Landing a job at a company ranked as a best place to work is highly competitive. These companies are inundated with resumes on a daily basis. So if you are one of the lucky few to get in the door, you don’t want to blow the interview process.

From doing your homework ahead of the interview to letting your personality shine through, here’s a look at six ways to nail the hiring process at a top-ranked company.   

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Graduation Countdown: 10 Job Search Tips to Apply Now

If moving back in with their parents is not what you envision for your future, you better start taking steps to find a job now. Companies are screening and hiring soon-to-be graduates, even as you read this post.

Here are 10 job search tips you can apply right now…   

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5 Awesome Tips to Fit a Job Search Into Your Busy Life

Organize Your Job Search

If your 2013 goals are ambitious or numerous, your time management and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously must be well muscled. And if you’re squeezing in a job hunt between a full-time job, volunteer work and family or friends, you may need help.

Here are her top five strategies to juggle it all, while actively searching for a job:   

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From Intern to Employee: 9 Terrific Transition Tips

New Job

So… you’re the new  intern? The good news: You’ve got your foot in the door (congratulations!) The bad news: This is the start of a 3-month long interview. In this job market, however, that latter news is actually good. A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found that 58 percent of employers turned their interns to full-time employees in 2012. So even though a lengthy, months-long interview might sound a little intimidating and tedious, this is great opportunity to prove your worth to the company – and there’s a good chance your hard work will land you   

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5 (More) Fool-Proof Tips to Focus Your Job Search


Do you have a clear goal for your job search plan? Do you have processes set up to support you throughout?

In my last post on YouTern we talked about five suggestions for improving your job search. Now, let’s look at five more tips you can leverage to improve your job search process… and the results you get!   

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