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5 Mindsets to Help You Master the Job Search


For many job seekers, the job search process can be quite an emotional trial. After all, you have to get out of your comfort zone while facing the possibility of repeated rejection… not the best feeling in the world.

Then there are the highs and lows of job searching. One day you’re feeling hopeful and excited about an opportunity. Three days later you’re feeling like crap…   

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What Do Employers REALLY Want?

What do Employers Want

Job seekers remain irritated with would-be employers – and the job market in general.

The consensus is employers don’t know what they want anymore; that they’re unwilling to take chances and refuse to pull the trigger. There is also growing dissatisfaction around “changing of the rules”, without telling the people playing the game…   

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The Top 5 Reasons You Will Be Rejected by a Recruiter

Reject Rebound Louise Bourgeois

You have all the skills, felt like you nailed the interview process, followed up afterwards, and got great feedback from the recruiter- so why didn’t you get the job? Here are some of the top reasons hiring managers may have passed on you, even though you are qualified…   

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