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This Thanksigiving, What Are You Most Grateful For?


Even when our global community is in turmoil, we take the last Thursday in November to celebrate what we – whether ancestors of the original immigrants to the United States or new to this uniquely American tradition – are thankful for. It isn’t always easy, but even on the dark days we can look around and take stock of what makes us feel like there is good in the world… and good work to be done… and we’re just the people to do it. This year, members of the YouTern team were asked to articulate what we’re most thankful for; a   

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A Job Search Success Story: The Very First Thanksgiving


Once upon a time, early settlers to North America posted a job on PilgrimHelpWanted.com. While only one person applied for the position, they were quite excited about bringing on a new team member.

Here, just in time for Thanksgiving, is a fictional account of how that interview might have gone had it happened in today’s recruiting world…   

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From YouTern & Friends…Here’s What We’re Thankful for Today

Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Turkey Day once again – and the YouTern team is finally taking a day off to rest and spend time with family and friends (and enjoy the turkey with stuffing and pumpkin pie, of course!)…

At YouTern, we try to avoid clichés like the plague… But despite the cliché nature of pointing this out, on this day it’s appropriate to recognize our blessings. Sometimes in our busy lives we don’t express enough gratitude for all we have.   

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