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The Perfect Interview Thank You Note That Works Every Time [Infographic]

thank you note

Thank you notes are deceivingly difficult to start no matter who you’re sending them to. Writing them to hiring managers after job interviews is even more challenging. After all, you want to seem gracious, excited, and enthusiastic about a role without going overboard or giving off the wrong vibe. And of course, you have to send one. It could mean the difference between a second interview and a one way trip to the “pass” pile. So how can you be sure to write the perfect interview thank you note every time?   

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In Life and LinkedIn: The Power of Thank You

Thank you button

Throughout your early years, your mom always stressed the importance of saying thank you.

And now that you are starting your early career, her advice has never been more important: in life and on LinkedIn…   

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Thank You Notes: Still Way More Important Than You Think


You just finished your job interview. What are your next steps? By now, you likely know by now you should send a thank you note, but if you’re like most… you won’t.

The post-interview thank you note is still far more important than most realize.

Here are some important tips to craft an effective thank you letter:   

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Stay Classy… How to Write Professional Thank You Notes

Some of your internships may be more educational, while some others may feel like a boring waste of time. Regardless, at the end of an internship, expressing your gratitude to your supervisor and the people you worked with is very important to your career.

In this age of instantaneous digital communication, a sincere handwritten note often carries more weight, and resonates more, with the recipient.   

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Thank You Notes: Not Just for Birthdays Anymore

Being the one applicant, out of hundreds, who sent a handwritten note could make a big difference in whether or not you get hired for a position. I’ve even heard of employers holding onto the notes they receive, for years, as a reminder of those who have so impressed them.   

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