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Testimonials: The Resume Writing Hack that Wins Job Interviews!


Have you noticed how often you see testimonials used in advertisements?

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to buy something new, I go online to read reviews. I don’t want to know what the company says – I want to know what customers think about it.

Reference quotes on your resume do the same for you!

If you add positive quotes about your work to your resume, you show recruiters someone else thinks highly of you. Quotes also convincingly convey your personality and work ethic.   

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Let Others Do the Talking: Branding Through Testimonials

For all of you who have mastered the basics of personal branding, let’s kick this up a notch – with a tip that takes your personal branding to a whole different level: testimonial branding.

In other words… let others talk about you – and highlight your positive traits.   

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