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Digital Nomads: Leading the Remote Work Revolution [Infographic]

Digital Nomads & The Remote Work Revolution

What if you didn’t have to go work today? What if – instead of spending all that time getting dressed, fighting the traffic, and attending all those meetings where nothing seems to get done – you could actually focus on… the work? From home. Or Starbucks. Or a beach in Bali? That is exactly the question this infographic from BargainFox and SavvyBeaver seems to be asking. Even more important, it answers that question while providing real data to show how you can become a successful digital nomad – as a worker, freelancer, leader or entrepreneur. But be careful, because after reading this those board shorts,   

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Working from Home: Good or Bad for Your Career?


A new survey from CollegeRecruiter.com found most people are very eager to work from home.

Seventy percent of workers would rather telecommute than work in the office.

But is working from home all it is really cracked up to be? It sounds like a dream, but can you really get your work done with all the distractions of home surrounding you? And can you move up in your career when you aren’t in the office? On the other hand working from home could reduce a lot of stress. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons.   

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Work from Home Fridays: This Could Work! [Infographic]

Work From Home Fridays

You’re at the office today. You’d rather be home, sitting in front of the computer at the kitchen table or in your home office.

Rather than lounging on the couch watching DVR’d Revenge or SportsCenter for the third time today, however, you’d be working just as hard, if not harder, as you do in your cubicle. And by working virtually you may save money and be far more productive, healthy, happy and less stressed. Plus you’d be taking it easier much on the environment…   

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