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Finally! 7 Organizer Apps to Help Keep Life and Work in Order

organizer apps

I like being as busy as possible. However, I don’t like busy trying to figure out everything that I have to do or planning the best way to be working on multiple ventures and activities at once.

Thankfully, there are now a number of new organizer apps available to help keep my life and work in order…   

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As Technology Changes: Is a Traditional Cover Letter Still Necessary?

traditional cover letter

Job seekers hate writing them and hiring managers get bored reading them, so why is a traditional cover letter still necessary? Many wishful thinkers have emphatically declared cover letters dead in recent years.

But the fact remains: cover letters still stand between you and many available jobs…   

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No More Job Security? Workplace Automation Isn’t Stealing Your Job… Yet

workplace automation

Do you fear your job will disappear as a result of driverless cars or self-checkout lanes in stores?

There’s been a lot written about workplace automation. But don’t worry, robots won’t take your job… yet.   

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Online Learning: Now Crucial to Your Career Development

online learning

What comes to mind when you think of online learning? Imagery of a sketchy, unknown institution with a website full of smoke and mirrors designed to hoodwink students, maybe? If it does, then you’re thinking of what online learning was a decade ago. Yes, poor experiences with online universities happen. These poor examples of distance education are vastly outnumbered by the legitimate online learning opportunities available today.   

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How Technology Helps us Quickly Master New Soft Skills


When the Educational Testing Study released its findings last year, many hiring managers were unsurprised: Millennials were found to be falling further behind their global peers in numeracy, literacy, and problem-solving in tech rich environments.

So how do we master new soft skills?   

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Technology and the Modern College Student [Infographic]

It’s not your parents’ college. Technology has completely changed the way college students study, collaborate, take notes and find their way around the college campus.

Where there used to be notebooks, printed syllabi, textbooks, flash cards and voice recorders, now there are iPads, smartphones and ebooks. Even entire classes are being held entirely online.

More and more, today’s college student is surrounded by, and to some degree increasingly dependent on, technology. And the trends indicate that this trend will only get stronger.   

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