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6 Reasons Learning Tech Skills is Better Than Going to Grad School

tech skills

Not going to grad school was the best decision I ever made. Right before and following college graduation, I was dead set on going to graduate school. I knew I wanted to work in economic development. And most of my dream jobs required graduate school. But as I was studying for the GRE, poring over math problems and obscure vocabulary, I had an epiphany: Why spend all this effort forcing myself to memorize information when I could be teaching myself valuable real-world skills? In the end, instead of going to graduate school, I taught myself digital skills. These digital skills   

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Technology: The Career Skill That Keeps You Competitive

no excuse

My biggest fear: I won’t keep up with current trends and I’ll end up an ancient dinosaur.

You know, the ones who never adapted.

We all know what happens to them. They get left behind – considered irrelevant and too onerous to be useful.

As much as new tech might frighten us, and as much as we might not understand how to use it or how it works, embracing technology as the next language you need to learn is going to be critical for future jobs.

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