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How to Find Contact Information for People Inside Your Target Companies

contact information

There are many ways to find the name and contact information for someone inside a company. If you’ve ever been frustrated that you didn’t know people who work for a company you are interested in (or want to apply to) then check out these six simple ways to sleuth insiders!   

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How to Find Contacts at the Companies You Want to Work

find contacts

The best job search strategy is to develop a list of target companies (companies you would like to work for) and then find contacts inside those companies.    

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Human Resources Contacts: Perhaps Your Most Effective Network

human resources contacts

Here are some tips that will help you network with human resources contacts at target companies.

Your goal: build meaningful relationships with HR professionals that will serve as champions for your job search…   

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Step-by-step Guide: Networking Your Way Into a Dream Company


For every job opening to which you send your resume, there are tens or even hundreds of applicants competing with you.

As discussed in a recent post here on YouTern (Want a Job? Earn an Enthusiastic Referral), too really increase your odds of getting hired you first need to build connections inside these companies BEFORE they post a job opening…   

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