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Are You Ready? Employers Find College Talent Before Senior Year

Jobless Recent Grad

Each year Dr. Phil Gardner at Michigan State University Collegiate Employment Research Institute surveys thousands of companies to scope the employment landscape for college grads.

The interesting thing that jumped out at me about the report: the need for college students to begin their career prep experience from the first day on campus.
Here’s what the survey said, and what you can do to get ready from your first days on campus.   

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7 Steps to a Better Job Posting (and Better Talent)

There are many factors competing against you when you use the Internet to hire…

In a sea of competing voices, you have to stand out. The job you need to fill is one of many options for the job hunters who might see your posted vacancy.

One of the troubles that organizations have in generating job descriptions is that the term is over used; “job descriptions” have a wide range of uses…   

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