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Recruiter for a Day: Would You Hire You?

Recruiter for a Day

Any successful salesperson will tell you that the secret to making the sale is to put yourself “in the shoes” of the customer — what are the customer’s major concerns?

The same can be said for a successful job seeker. The secret to a successful job search: putting yourself “in the shoes” of the hiring manager by asking: What does that hiring manager want and need — and what must they avoid?   

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How Humble Bragging About Former Employers Boosts Your Brand


Here’s a tip rarely utilized by job seekers: the more impressive you make your former employers look on your resume, the better you look to potential new employers. So, carefully (and truthfully) brag about your other employers! Present them as important and successful organizations, and tie your contributions directly to their success: Expand the description of your previous jobs to include positive descriptions of  the companies, too. In your resume, say something positive in the work history section of your resume to make the experience gained there more impressive and relevant. While networking, focus on the positive or say as little   

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Finally! This is Exactly How You Research a Potential Employer

Know The Employer

“Do your homework!” This cliche job search advice is always there; and seemingly always empty. Why? Because no one tells you exactly how to get that homework done… exactly how to research the company and what to look for.

Today, we fix that. Here is exactly how to research a potential employer, what you are looking for from which resource, and what to do with the research once you have it…   

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12 Practical Tips to Help You Ace the Job Interview

12 Practical Job Interview Tips

Many experts and mentors – and maybe even well-meaning peers and parents – will tell you that the only way to ace your job interview is to provide the perfect job interview answer to every job interview question.

And while that is an important issue, so many other factors go into who gets the job offer, and who does not…   

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3 Bad Assumptions About Networking for Job Seekers

3 Bad Assumptions About Networking

Many job seekers say they hate the networking part of the job search. Apparently, those job seekers would rather spend (no, waste) time comfortably clicking on the “Apply” button on postings they find on job boards.

But networking is easier, less scary and more natural (in terms of simple conversations) than you think…   

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Can Your Resume Pass the All-Important LinkedIn Comparison Test?

Does Your Resume Match Your LinkedIn Profile

Everyone knows LinkedIn is a great way to grow your personal network and meet influential people. But did you know employers use LinkedIn for another reason? To validate your resume and the information provided in your application? To make sure you are… who you say you are?

Why do many recruiters now consider this a “must-do” aspect of their hiring process?   

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